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has provided innovative designs, reliable manufacturing, high-quality standards, competetive pricing, and low life cycle costs for the transportation industry since 1909.


Pollak® is a brand of Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP), a leading independent manufacturer and distributor of premium automotive replacement parts utilized in the maintenance, repair, and production of vehicles. SMP designs and manufactures components for automotive aftermarket retailers and wholesalers as well as new vehicle manufacturers. With 13 engineering centers and 19 manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world we are committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality and best-performing components for all our customers.


Pollak® is a certified ISO9001/QS9000 manufacturer that earned Q1 preferred status at Ford, General Motors’ Mark of Excellence, Chrysler’s Gold Pentastar, Navistar V, and similar rankings with PACCAR, Freightliner, John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, and other respected OEMs.


Pollak has a good Quality aftermarket products we have been supplying customer for past 8 years. A product customers can depend on for years and offers a reliable service.

— Omar Z
Ideal Lighting LLC.

Pollak has been a very reliable vendor for all the years I have been doing business with them. Their quality and service has never been questioned.

— Matt Darrow
New Life Transport Parts Center

Our relationship with Pollak goes back over 50 years. It is rare to find a company with such a long history of consistently reliable and high-quality products. Pollak’s products have been at the core of our electrical connector product offering for many years. They are professional and have always addressed our concerns with top-notch customer service. They provide a broad product offering that allows us to select a price point and quality level that meets our customer’s needs. We appreciate their innovation and efforts to stay current with the changing technologies of vehicle connectors. We highly recommend Pollak to anyone with electrical connector needs and that wants a team to stand behind them.

— Mark Hult
Prime Source Wholesale Distributors

Pollak products are the Best of the Best you can buy

— Larry Mohn
Del Mar Wire & Products



The Early Years

Joseph Pollak established The Joseph Pollak Corporation in 1909 as a tool and die shop in Boston, MA with ten employees. In addition to making tools for manufacturing Curtiss-Wright aircraft engines during World War I, the company also produced parts for torpedoes and 75mm gunsights. By the end of WWI, Pollak® had sixty employees with significant contributions to the war effort.

Entering the Automotive Industry

Pollak® started expanding once we entered the automotive sector by producing stamped automotive magneto parts in 1919. Assembly work began once we were producing automotive electrical plugs and sockets. We began to manufacture replacement lamps, license plate frames, and other stamped accessories in 1922.

World War II

When WWII erupted, the bulk of Pollak’s production shifted to supporting the war effort. We made various types of electro-mechanical assemblies for the Signal Corps and Army Ordnance. We also manufactured switches used in planes such as the Martin PBM patrol bomber, the Bell P-39 fighter, and b-24 bombers. We designed the B-36 super-bomber remote control ignition system and produced certain stampings for the atomic bomb project.

By the end of WWII, the company shifted its focus to automotive switches, lamps, and accessories, discontinuing the outside stamping and tool work.


At the dawn of the Korean War, Pollak® was called upon yet again for a wide variety of defense products. We manufactured switches for the F-51 fighter planes among other aircraft. We also manufactured many automotive switches for military vehicles and produced civilian vehicle products. The company entered the electronics field in 1952 which became our largest product line.

Change of Ownership

In the mid-1980s, Stoneridge, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of electrical and electronic systems, components, and modules, began to diversify our product offerings through acquisitions. Stoneridge acquired the Joseph Pollak Corporation in 1988.

Joining SMP®

Pollak became part of the SMP family of brands in 2019. The strategic acquisition has given Pollak access to a vast pool of engineering resources, and manufacturing facilities. Pollak has always excelled in the ability to design and manufacturer automotive and Heavy-Duty components at a large scale and the integration with SMP has only furthered capabilities and reach

Pollak® Towing

SMP® has recently added the Pollak® Towing product line to the Pollak® offering. Pollak® Towing’s all-new Trailer Connector Program helps you quickly find the connectors and adapters you are looking for to help get you back on the road.