What is the difference between Pollak Pro™ and the other products?

Pollak Pro™ is a professional-grade product engineered and manufactured for long-term durability, but some people need additional features that are offered exclusively in our upgraded brands. Quick Connexion™ offers ergonomic connectors and adapters. ProSecure LED™ features connectors, accessories, and adapters with LED lights. ProSecure Light™ includes glowing connectors and adapters. ProFlex™ offers flexible adapters that let them tow trailers with different types of connectors plugged directly into the OEM wiring system.

What is the difference between Pollak Pro Secure LED™ and ProSecure Light™?

The main difference is that ProSecure LED™ features test lights to confirm your connection, while ProSecure Light™ glows red to highlight your connection. Additionally, ProSecure LED™ is also offered as a test light for both 4 Way Flat and 7 Way Blade applications.